Bülent Saylam


Bülent Saylam was born in Keşan in 1975. Completing his education in Keşan, Bülent started his professional music life in 1994 by playing electric guitar. Bülent, who makes music with various bands, is still play music with AHESTE band. Bülent, who is still a member of a political party, applied for membership of Keşan Municipality Council in 2019 but was not included in the list. Bülent, who worked as an accountant with music, started to work in Medya Keşan Newspaper in 2012. Bülent, who married Dilek in 2008, has a 10-year-old daughter named Güneş. And Bülent, who is still working as the responsible editor-in-chief of Media Keşan Newspaper, loves to visit Alexandroupolis with his family, raki and fish and his Greek friends.

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